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Reusable Food Bags
Reusable Food Bags
Reusable Food Bags

Reusable Food Bags

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Our reusable food produce bags are designed to replace throwaway plastic produce bags, by offering a fantastic and durable bag made from a breathable mesh material which is machine washable and perfect for buying and storing your fresh fruit, vegetables and produce. 1.3 billion plastic produce bags are used in the UK each year, and on average they're used for just 30 minutes before being thrown away. Using a reusable bag seems so obvious when you think about it, yet so many homes in the UK are without them. It is our mission to change that!

The material used to make our bags is called rPET - a mesh fabric made using recycled plastic bottles. The breathable nature of the fabric means your food stays fresh for so much longer as it doesn't sweat like in standard plastic bags. The bags are also incredibly strong, and will last for many years to come. If they ever do need replacing, the bags are 100% recyclable. 

Each set of 8 bags comes complete with a handy carry pouch to make them easy and convenient to store and take out with you. Each pouch features a clip so you can clip them to your shopping bags, handbags, or jeans. 

Main features: 

  • Each pack includes 8 produce bags, plus a handy carry pouch featuring a clip
  • The produce bags are made from rPET mesh fabric, a breathable material which keeps your food fresh for much longer than standard plastic bags
  • You can easily see what is inside your bags - handy for shopping and when hunting through your fridge 
  • Use the bags to keep your fridge tidy and organised  
  • The bags are incredibly lightweight, so they barely register on food scales 
  • The packaging and the bags are 100% recyclable
  • The bags are machine washable and should last for many, many years
  • Use your bags to easily wash your fresh food in the sink 
  • Each pack purchased saves 10 plastic bottles from landfill