Recycling Program

Zero Wrap is a zero waste product, because the product and packaging are 100% recyclable (unlike many disposable plastic materials made using mixed plastics). Silicone cannot currently be collected with kerbside recycling, so instead we offer a recycling program for Zero Wrap, whereby you can send your used Zero Wraps back to us should you feel they have reached the end of their life, and we will give you a discount off your next Zero Wrap purchase. We work with a trusted silicone recycling company, who use the recycled materials to create new fantastic silicone products. This program ensures no Zero Wraps should ever enter landfill or pollute our waterways. And it means our customers can continue to use Zero Wrap every day. 

To Recycle Your Zero Wrap

  1. Send your used Zero Wraps to the return address detailed below. 
  2. Email our Customer Services team at to confirm your return.
  3. Our Customer Services team will then provide you with a unique discount code for your next Zero Wrap purchase, which will contribute to if not entirely cover the cost of returning Zero Wrap to us (this will vary depending on where you are in the World).

Return Your Zero Wrap To

Sharon McNeil
Our Future Is Green / The Eco Shop
27 Kilbirnie Place
Tradeston Industrial Estate
G5 8QR